Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hoover Junior U1036

got this on "the land of ebay" again for £20.

Damage by not having any protective packaging *sigh*

 are you all ready for a big shocker?

Wishy Washy :P
Logo washed off a bit but i got a pen and drew it back on
starting work on the brush roll next

Oscar wanted to "help" lol bless him
when i moved the junior these fell out dont know what they are.
Thats all the pics i have, heres a VL link of it.

Panasonic MC-E54

Well, i was in my local heart foundation and saw  this for a tenner and thought ill pick er' up :P So here is some pics as usual hope you all enjoy! Not many pics but better than none lol. I got this about a month ago.
as i got her
filters were horrid!

i wasn't kidding was i now? :P
reference pic 
plastics ready to wash believe it or not i spent about an hour scrubbing these with a tooth brush lol
paid off in the end though
while the plastics were drying thought i would start on the heart of this beast

looks like an angry face lol
cif works wonders!
comparing the filters. I had one spare so thought i might as well replace it
only a quick snap of after.
vacuumland post

Friday, 27 March 2015

1994 Hoover Turbopower 1000

Well i got this out of my local paper from a lovely lady  for £15 :) So i got this on the 27 of Feb 2015 i just couldn't be bothered to do a post on it lol. Anyway it didn't need much doing to it a good clean and a minor fix as you will see in the pics below. Before video again and an after . I for once have a video review so if you're are interested. don't worry i have the links to open in a new tab ;) Also i posted this on VL  .

this is the only before pic i have of it before
dated April 1994

A bit shiny before iv'e started 

dusting brush in mint condition :D 

sorry for blurry pic

dont know if this means anything?

"air freshener" Pft 

not as bad as i anticipated
this is supposed to be the belt channel lol

at least it was genuine 
the culprit of why she wouldn't stand upright
now i can finally start on the motor :P

i stupidly forgot to take an after pic but oh well

dont know if this means anything as well
Wishy washy 
It looks like they did care about the machine as they did use genuine parts and also tried to save the sales "sticker" more into that later.

smothered this piece in hot glue it'll probably snap in the future but it'll do for now. 
after 1 coat of wax you can just see the metallic :P Also not split 

as i was saying about the sales "sticker" where the hole is looks like they tried to glue it back on so they're like me they like to keep the sales sticker :D i had to glue it back on at the top too (top right corner)
chassis back on just need to clean inside the bag compartment and reattach the handle

after wax/polishing
all done!
i won a job lot of bags on ebay so im a happy bunny :P 
posing with her older sister the U2716 from 1993