Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hoover Turbopower "Boost" U2716

Well i picked up this little gem from the British Heart Foundation for £15. She was in a rough state but shes coming up alright. At first i wasn't really into collecting vacuums but then i picked the U2716 up and well here i am today! If it wasn't for this machine i wouldn't be into vacuums today.
I now have replaced the lower cord hook.
 This machine was in the middle of the range and went for £144.98 in a kays magazine at the time, the highest of the range was the U2718 which was a blue metallic colour (that goes green over time) which had auto-flex and would of been £169.99. The lowest was the U2724 (red) which had no headlight,no autoflex,no air freshener and no "boost setting" and didn't have a hose attached.

Here she is on vacuumland

                                                                                                 before (this was on my old camera)

                                                        she leans a bit (fixed though)

my god she was filthy
this explains the no suction!


my fave brush roll! The "Activator"

this explains why she was quite loud

over look of the hood

removed most of the marks 

a deep gouge on the hood 

royal crest

fixed the leaning

feb 1993 
piece missing under the bag door

make shift lower cord hook

posing with a new bag 
Some more pictures that are of better quality.
Yellowing due to the plastic being whit ABS

Bag light gubbins reveling her true colour.

this was a reference picture so i knew where this went lol
Wishy Washy
And that's all the pictures i have.