Saturday, 30 May 2015

1985 Turbopower Junior U1100

Well, I got this a few days ago (Although it took almost 3 weeks to get here) for £25 and £10 P+P. Again on Facebook and from the same gentleman who sold me the U2332.

Anyway, he did say he had replaced the motor bearings,fan (generic), genuine brushroll and generic belt. So it didn't need anything major doing just the usual strip (including the motor),wash ALL the parts that can be washed, re-assembled then polish and wax, use and display!

Some pictures as usual. Pft, more like alot Emma :P

Befores then afters, before video as well then a review to follow soon.

Anyway, enjoy! before video

Clips that hold the fill tube on

so now im left with this
Belt,brushroll,belt guard and sole plate removed
some damage

so now im left with this.
parts  to wash
bag was rinsed with the shower ....

then hand washed twice. This is the first wash....

then into the washer with some softener
parts washed and drying. Now I can move onto the motor

the armature. I cleaned the commutator but didn't take an after picture

with the pan converter