Monday, 17 August 2015

1995 Hoover Turbopower 2 U2464

So Iv'e been meaning to do this blog post for just over a month now. Regardless, I got this for £20, at first the seller was asking £30 for it,which I was NOT willing to pay. Anyhoo, I got it home the bearings were VERY dry. It was missing its dusting brush and upholstery tool.

This is a "mystery model" as I cannot find anything about this machine. Other 2464's Iv'e seen are the lighter grey with the red bumper.

 Before video as well Don't worry! It opens in a new tab ;)

Now I will shut up and you can see the pictures!

All the before pictures as usual.

Boasting the wider hose and different cuff. Personally I think this style hose makes it look a tad messy,

Filters all filthy. I didn't bother to save any. I just threw the lot.
Bless, She's been on top of that fridge for ages!
Time to remove the sole plate and brushroll. Also, this model has the quick release suction channel.
Rating sticker, which dates her as June 1995
Motor exposed,
Looks like plaster dust...
Motor out. There's no pictures of me cleaning it,
No idea what this thing is off.
Plastics to wash now. Also~ Wishy Washy Still!
Plastics after their hot soapy wash and rinse.
Brushroll bearings to do now.

Worst bearings I've had yet..

With everything reassembled it's time to change the belt. Looks like it's original belt! 

Afters not done in the best light. 

Senses the power you need!

Not split,

Relocated cord entry.

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