Monday, 20 April 2015

1989 Electrolux Z616E

So again i got this one with the other Lux ( Z4670 ) and a Turbopower 1 ( U1050 also yes ill be doing a blog post when iv'e started on it :D ) all for £15 so im happy.

Anyway going off track again lol.

11 week of 1989  ty Alex :D

Reference pictures

 now with all the wiring from the top out of the body i can now remove the very dusty motor.
Wishy Washy :P
Now those are all drying. Iv'e sorted out the motor cleaned up the flex with cif now i need to put the motor back in and reassemble. Need to order some bags belts and filters.

The vac with the hose at the back! well it would be if it wasnt drying lol

Now its all done :D