Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hoover Turbopower U2332

So after wanting one of these for so long and being taunted by seeing several but too far away i finally got one :D . Got this one off Facebook and well 2 weeks later and £20 later here she is in my sticky little mits! (well big mitts)

Quick video of before again opens in a new tab just to be nice :P

As you can tell the poor las doesn't sound well at all. Well under the screw driver she goes!

Starting with before pictures as usual
wasnt expecting this lol

at least there wasn't a manky bag

bet she can't wait for a nice bath and lots of TLC
Oscar wanting to pose bless him :)

i like leaving these service stickers on. What about you?

*Clears throat* By appointment to her majesty queen Elizabeth II
manufactures of vacuum cleaners and laundry equipment
Hoover PLC Greenford Middlesex

I like this style of writing a lot tbh.
bit on the wonk and she wouldn't "catch" in the upright position 

wheel cap/cover broke. Jesus look how chunky my thumb is lol

lower cord hook intact :D

two speed motor. All worn, top is speed 1,middle is off and bottom is speed 2
So now those pics are done under the screw driver she goes!
taken the handle off. 
now to remove the bag door. Get a flat blade screw driver and gently twist the hinges and off comes the bag door. now we can get easier access to this lot. Remove the fill tube by unscrewing the two screws and gently wiggle it side to side and lift out removing the clear PVC tube . Also you can remove the catch  release by removing the one screw from inside and it comes off in two parts.
gave this a quick vac with Henry lol 
Now onto the bag light gubbins. Remove this cover by unscrewing the 5 screws and gently pull it off.

Now you want to make sure to take note of all this.
gently remove everything. To remove the circuit board gently push up from underneath and it should come out. Remove the brown and blue wires (noting their places) and push in the two tabs on the bag light and push upwards.

now with that lot out the way we can start stripping down more!
Gently turn her over and remove the sole plate.  While we're here we can remove those wheels. gently pry the wire bit off and lift out the wheels. Now remove the brush roll & belt put those aside.  There's two screws holding the hood on, 1 in the suction channel and the other in the belt channel. Remove those and gripping the hood and machine flip her over again and gently lift up on the hood.

and you'll be left with these.

First things first remove that bulb before it get broken. Simply gently grip the sides and pull up.
With the bulb removed we can remove the top/bag bit. Remove the  4 screws on the 2 silver clamps. Wiggle free now before putting to one side take a reference picture of the mains cable to the motor and remove those wires now put to one side. Also dont forget to remove the funny shaped bit that holds the bellows.

now you should be left with this. 

We'll remove those other wheels in a minute.Now lets remove the motor. Remove the brown clamp/clip and now gently pull on one side I like to pull on the fan end. Once you've done that lift out and put aside.
Lets start on those wheels. Get a flat blade screw driver and carefully pry up on the wheel caps. Once removed there is a C-clip get your screw driver under that and remove. Be careful as it can ping off! now you can remove the wheels.
in their correct order.
Now we have the motor out we might as well wash those plastics. Be sure to remove ALL wiring from the bag/top bit. Wash everything. you can wash the chassis as i did. I use washing up liquid in hand warm water let it sit for a bit then scrub with a tooth brush and a sponge. Then rinse using the shower with hot water.
the let dry.

the bigger bits are in the bathroom drying. Also I bet that feels so good to get that crap off :D 

now lets start on the motor!

Remove the bellows by cutting the cable tie and twisting them off. Lets remove the fan chamber. Get a flat blade screw driver under those  metal clips and pry upwards. Once removed the fan chamber just falls off you can wash this too. Remove the fan by gripping the motor shaft (i used a vice) and turning the fan anti-clockwise. Be aware there is little washers there. You can wash the fan too.
Take pictures of ALL the wiring then remove it.
wash these too.

Remove the carbon brushes by gently pulling back the little holders. Be careful with these as they are easy to snap.

now put the motor up like this and remove the 4 screws. The field will be on one end and the armature on the other. be VERY careful with the armature as you DO NOT want it damaged!
like so.
I like to start with the field first but do which ever you want.

Clean all this crap off. Rusty too :(
Now im cleaning the armature.

make sure to clean ALL of this crap off to bring back good air flow . I used tweezers. then when all the big stuff was off i dusted it with a make up blusher brush to make sure everything was off.  

I had to replace my bearing hence why they're nice and clean.
I bet that feels so much better!

Lets sort out the other bearing  too.
once everything is all nice and clean we can reassemble in the reverse order.

When fitting the fan chamber back on i like to use sealant. just a thin line on one side is fine.

meant adding these above but i cba so heres some damage -

Moving onto the after pics now not many but oh well.
motor all nice and clean :) Also don't forget to put a new cable tie on the bellows!

doesn't lean if pushed forwards like this

but does if pushed back wards like this.
if im dating it right its 604 - April 1986

I prefer this style compared to the star style on my U2716

Ill nick the bag off my U2716  :P
a few different angles 

All nice n' clean :)
New brush roll and belt.
So all that needed doing was a darn good clean , two new motor bearings,new belt and new brush roll bearings. Heres an after video

Right well thats all! Hope everyone has enjoyed reading this and Ta-ra! (For now ;P)