Friday, 10 April 2015

1993 U2716 Re-Do

Well, iv'e never given the U2716 a full proper strip down...So i thought i would do it now. Right down to the armature! So..on we go! Under the screw driver she goes! Again its going to be like with the PP, ill update as i progress :P

ugh no wonder she didn't feel like mine
wire reference 

oh god i wish i did this sooner 'Poor bitch :(

me making her suffer :(
Clampy Clampy :P

looks like shit hit the fan a bit Literally! 

for some reason the pic decided it wanted to go side ways :/


small parts washed in ere'

So thats all the pictures i have for now as thats all iv'e done so ill start on the motor and ill get pics of that up whenever :D