Friday, 24 April 2015

1997 Turbopower U1050

So i got this in a job lot with two other vacs for £15 picked them up on Sunday April 19th 2015 and already cleaned the other two. ( they were the Lux SmartVac Z4670 and the Lux 616 Electronic Z616E )

this was/is the dirtiest vac i have ever had so far lol. I like it when they come in all dirty like this its for some reason and in some way pleasuring cleaning them up. Anyway im wittering on again ( not unusual if anyone knows me well enough ;) ) right so before pics as usual and then afters.

quick ref pic 
now with the handle and wiring/switch removed from the bag compartment lets start on getting the motor out!

to my surprise its a genuine belt installed. Albeit stretched.
dusty hood off 
motor out 

at least i have a spare one thanks to the U2716 being the donor  
heres the blockage cleared also i dont know why the picture has gone like this
Wishy Washy ( still ) 
now with the plastics all washed and drying i can start on the motor.
rusty as they always tend to be 

it was more grit and sand this time rather than fluff 

carbons a little low but have life i n them still 

the fan kept catching this. I spent probably about an hour filing it down and getting it right.
after all thats done with i can now reassemble again using the donor machine  ( U2716 ) for its fan 
moving onto the brush roll bearings now 

bearings done now time to polish and wax even though it is already a bit shiny 
after about half hour of sanding it down
bet that feels so much better. Now time to pop it back in 
hood back on and now these are the after pictures.

for cost cutting hoover blanked off the switch and relocated it on top of the bag housing/main body where there would of been a bag check light.

Again for more cost cutting Hoover just stamped it.

for even MORE cost cutting Hoover blanked off the air freshener as seen here. Also 500  specifying the single speed motor wattage. 

the relocated switch. Again to cheapen things down they just left it a plain switch.

even more cost cutting again Hoover just blanked off the lower cord hook with a non usable one. What the point of this was i dont know because surely it wouldn't make a difference to keep a normal hook?

different shot because why not?

and into the collection with her other sisters. The 1993 U2716 ( shell ) the 1986 U2332 and the 1994 U2812. Also please excuse the mess lol