Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hoover PurePower U3456

Well i got this off Gumtree for £20 So heres pics as usual all i need to do is get filters bags and belts. Also iv'e posted this on VacuumLand
quick pic of before

Leans i thought it was going to tip over lol

all the tools (the upholstery and dusting brush is the bathroom awaiting a wash)

took me awhile to figure out this was on here lol

 Senses the power you need!

Bring on the cif!

not as bad as i thought they would be.

had to take this outside as there was several big spiders UGH!

Wishy Washy.

the other parts are in the bathroom drying
after polishing
first cleaned in white spirits then wiped off and greased
all thats left to do now is to reassemble and clean the outside with cif

All reassembled and polished, just need to reassemble the brush roll
and wait for the hose to dry. ill get more close up pics later :)