Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Vacuum Collection *April*

Well, i thought i would do a post on my collection as of April. I dont have many pictures of them all but oh well its better than nothing.  So here we go
Starting with the Panasonics or as i like to call them "the Pana's".

MC-UG302. got this in a bundle with the TP 1000.

MC-E54. Unfortunately i don't have a group picture of the two.

Hoover Senior 652A. Which iv'e never used as it has a broken fan.

Anybody who's keen eyed will notice that i nicked the bag off my U1036 :P
Anyway, this is my 1976 U1012

Hoover U1036 Not sure on the date.

                            Now to my two favorite  machines as of writing this.
My 1993 Turbopower Boost U2716
The U2716 is special to me as it was  my first Turbopower, and is the one that started the collection.
It should be a white colour. Hoover called it "Stellar White"

My 1994 Turbopower 1000
This too is special to me as it was my first Turbopower 2/1000.

Close up on the royal crest and you can just see the metallic. If i remember right,
Hoover called this "Metallic Blueberry". or "Blueberry Metallic" 
Two new additions to the collection!

My second Turbopower 1 - U2332 dated April 1986 this machine is special to me too. This was the forst vacuum's motor that i had taken apart :) So it will always remain a special cleaner

Mmm sexy beast!
Now, heres the PurePower  U3456 date 42nd week of 2001.

In this picture i still needed to attach the hose

Senses the power you need!
And thats all for now :)