Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dirt Devil 150

Well, i was on gumtree browsing expecting to find nothing but i was wrong! I saw this for a tenner and the very nice seller wanted £5 for delivery. So....of course me being me £15 later and she's mine!

This was/is in amazing condition. They did state that it's hardly been used but i didn't really think that was true. But wait until you see the picture of the commutator :D

Only a few scuffs and scratches on the sole plate but just very lite usage marks.

Also, it came with the user manual and "quick parts guide". Ill get pictures/scans of those one day. It also came with 5 bags 2 of those are genuine and a pack of 2 genuine belts. Thats saved a bit more cash in my pocket!

So anyway enough of me blabbering on here is the before pictures as usual then the afters. Enjoy!   Please note for some reason some pictures decided to go nuts and spin around lol

like this -_- I hand washed the bag then bunged it in the washer with some darks 


ref pic

ref pic

thanks again Alex for telling me this is when it was made :D 

Getting close the bearing! Yikes!
Rusty field :(

Hardly used :D 
All that needed doing was greasing up the bearing to keep it nice n' happy and just a lite clean
Now thats all the pictures i have. So i leave you with this Dinky Armature :D